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Episode Eight ◐ Chelsea Gill

"Instead of seeking the validation from others and social media I needed to find it for myself."


An episode of sisters or seeeesters as we like to say! My younger sister Chelsea is an artist, writer, director, and photographer. She is currently finishing her senior year at Columbia College in Chicago studying screenwriting and film. 


Chelsea joins us for a raw and honest episode exploring childhood bullying, toxicity in social media, body dysmorphia, finding self-love and the things that help her maintain a self-care practice.  

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"I didn't look like those women and I would never look like those women and I had to accept that within myself. I didn't have the bone structure to have a thigh gap and that was OK."

Show Notes

In this episode we cover..

◐ Growing up in Jersey suburbs

◐ Getting bullied by friends

◐ Having an ASKfm

◐ Her Finsta being outed publically 

◐ Body dysmorphia and body image issues on social media

◐ Getting off social media

◐ Accepting her body and learning to love it

◐ Getting out energy through dance

◐ Using social media to find romantic partners

◐ Forgiving friends and creating new social dynamics with "Party friends"

◐ Lorde being an inspiration for Chelsea 




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*Body Dysmorphia Resource

* Bullying Resource

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