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Episode Eleven ◐ Solo with Jess

“Every time you get angry, every time you get jealous, ask yourself why? What is this telling me, what am I reinforcing, where did I learn this?”


In this episode, I take on the questions you submitted on Instagram and doing my first ever solo episode!

We cover how to deal with self-comparison, jealousy, accepting ourselves, tips to love your body more, how to manage our anger and how to engage with it differently. We also chat on how to deal with the negativity around us in the world, how to find less surface-level friends, and what constitutes healthy texting. We cover the fear of making the wrong choice, the feeling of the collective right now by hearing Taylor Paige's weekly reading and how we can enjoy the transition into the Fall Equinox this weekend.

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“You shouldn’t compare yourself with others; and if nature has made you a bat, you shouldn’t try to turn yourself into an ostrich.”

- Demian, Hermann Hesse

Show Notes


In this episode we cover..

◐ How to deal with self-comparison

◐ What jealousy means and how we can reclaim it

◐ Body Image struggles and accepting ALL of ourselves

◐ Loving each phase of yourself 

◐ Not being at the place in life as others 

How to approach things you want with empowerment

What is anger and how to deal with it

◐ How to deal with negativity in the world around us

How to create a space to express 

◐ How to shift from surface level to more meaningful friendships

◐ What is healthy texting in a relationship

◐ Emotional logic vs rational logic vs intuition

◐ Fear of making the wrong choice

◐ Oracle card reading from Taylor Paige

◐ Grieving a past dream 

◐ Celebrating the Fall Equinox

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