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Episode Five ◐ Alexa Vendetti

“That’s what I love about Revolve, we all kinda came kinda broken from these places and making the conscious decision to make a better environment.” 


Alexa is the lead designer for REVOLVE's Majorelle Collection as well as Aimee Song's Song Of Style and currently overseeing Camila Coelho's Camila Coelho Collection.  She is an East Coast native turned LA sunbird and loving every minute of it.


In this episode, we explore her hustle and get-it-done mentality that led her to big successes so early on, the come up from being financially independent at 18, tragically losing her father at 9 and all the inner work she puts towards her mental health. Alexa also chats on astrology & psychological profiling as a means to understand others and how she has transitioned from employee to boss babe. She also shares her fashion tips for the broke girl and therapy tools that have worked for her. 

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“The first thing I say when someone loses a parent is it doesn’t get better but it gets easier.” 

Show Notes

In this episode we cover..

◐ Growing up in New Jersey 

◐ Moving to LA & being financially independent at 18

◐ Working for VINCE, For Love & Lemons, Tobi, Forever21 

◐ Lead designing for clothing lines at Revolve

◐ Her dad tragically passing when she was 9 

◐ Dealing with grief and puberty at the same time

◐ Wanting to be normal and avoid confrontation

◐ Becoming a manager and checking in with her team's wellbeing

◐ Alexa's personal fashion taste

◐ A broke girls cure to fashion

◐ Mental Health and checking in with yourself



* Follow Alexa @AlexaVendetti

* The line's Alexa designs for: 


*Majorelle @Majorelle_Collection

*Song of Style  @SongofStyle 


*Camila Coelho Collection  @CamilaCoelhoCollection

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