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Episode Four ◐ Melissa Purner

“Being a creative is like being an alien trying to convince people to believe in your universe.”


Melissa is a Television, Film and Emerging Platforms Producer. She has trailblazed her way through the industry working for some of the biggest agencies, networks and production companies to finally starting her own. 

In this episode, we chat on how she broke into the industry, finding her mentors, launching her own company and getting a development deal, how to navigate your next career moves even if that means going against the grain and how she manifested her dream relationship! 

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"It’s ok to just take a second and see is this just hard and I don’t like it right now and there are hard parts to anything or is something wrong?"

Show Notes

In this episode we cover..

◐ Growing up in Los Angeles but not in the industry

◐ Changing schools and going against parents wishes

◐ Writing companies she admired to ask for a job

◐ Working at an Agency

◐ Finding your mentors

◐ The struggle of finding a new job after your first taste of success

◐ The shift from assistant to managing assistants

◐ Starting her own company from scratch & selling her first show

◐ Leaving big names in the industry 

◐ Working with difficult people and the cost

◐ How she met the man of her dreams 

◐ A balanced approach to spirituality 



* Follow Melissa @MPurn

* Melissa's company and website On The Map Entertainment

* Calling in the One by Katherine Woodward Thomas

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