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Episode Nine ◐ Chala Guzel

“It was like the universe was like boom, I’m going to give you something physical to actually move you and you wake up.”


Chala Guzel is a gifted reiki and intuitive energy healer. She works with clients to help them heal their inner child, shadow, and trauma that is stored in the body. 


In this episode Chala talks on growing up in Australia, moving from her corporate job to following her passion, being told she needed a spinal operation and would be in pain forever then deciding to take a holistic approach and healed in 6 months, learning to step into surrender, and how the universe tests you on the path to following your passion. We discuss the session she did for me and the mindset shift that helps her overcome hard times.

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“When women come together and when we authentically release and hold space and know it is safe to release, that is when magic happens”

Show Notes

In this episode we cover..

◐ Growing up in Australia and feeling like the indigo child of her family

◐ Moving from corporate to following her passion

◐ Healing her debilitating back injury holistically in 6 months

◐ How she got started in Reiki

◐ Lack and fear vs joy and inner love

Not shaming yourself for celebrating with food or alcohol

What “The Matrix” is and societal programming 

◐ How to start connecting to yourself 

Following your passion but unable to keep with old life financially

◐ Helping other females consciously instead of living in comparison  

◐ Finding your business tribe




*Follow Chala Guzel @Chalaguzel  DM her to book a session!

*Wing Women Network @WingWomenNetwork

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