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Episode One ◐ Stephen

Part 1

"The things we really want in life are right here in front of us all the time. They are literally right here, happening right now, it’s just a matter of recognizing it."


Stephen is a musician, sing-songwriter, producer and an all around magnetic human being. His music blends genres including electronic, pop and even some R&B elements. His latest EP, It's Too Much Love To Know My Dear, has literally created a new sound best described as "future jungle". 

In Part One of this Two-Part podcast episode we explore expectations, purpose, how Stephen started in music, his dealings with anxiety, acceptance, lymes and much much more. 

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"When you accept the circumstances of your life and find this wonderful dance with what is, your life starts transforming because you approaching everything in your life from a place of love and a place of acceptance and place of childish excitement and fun. And now you are harnessing the power of love of delight of innocent and playfulness." 

Show Notes

In this episode we cover..

◐ Recording music alone in Joshua Tree

◐ Letting go of expectations & taking things seriously

◐ What meditation truly means

◐ How Stephen got started in music

◐ Moving towards your passions & playfulness

◐ Fear of success & reaching the next level

◐ Pursuing your dreams & the sacrifices

◐ Acceptance 

◐ Allowing anxiety 

◐ Rewards Chemicals & Addiction

◐ Social Media era 

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