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Episode Six ◐ Taylor Paige

“Your intuition is the sum of all of the times you trust yourself”


Taylor is an angel reader who helps people connect to their spirit guides and inner guidance. She is also a writer, actress, comedian, and former gamer.


In this episode we talk on her coming out of the "broom closet" and what it means to listen to your intuition. We speak on her upbringing in Ojai, CA and how she reawakened her inner GPS in reading and sensing energy. We go over the reading she did for me as well as tips for everyone to help connect with their guides since we are all innately intuitive beings.

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“When you shut down your inner GPS and your inner knowing, because you are scared of it, it's like physically putting a blindfold over yourself."

Show Notes

In this episode we cover..

◐ Growing up in Ojai, California

◐ Shutting off her intuition as it was too scary & overwhelming

◐ Taking off her psychic blindfold at 25

◐ Coming out of the "Broom closet" publically

◐ Everyone's ability to be spiritual and feel connected

◐ What it means to speak with angels/spirit guides etc.

◐ Not prophecizing people's futures, but helping them hear the 

     messages meant for them more clearly

◐ The archetype of the witch truly meaning a healer

◐ The privilege in manifestation & creating affordable readings

◐ Being a gamer professionally for League of Legends and H1Z1



*Follow Taylor @Angels_and_Amethyst

*Email or book a reading with Taylor here

*Narayan Skincare & Psychic in Ojai @NarayanBeauty

*The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

*Taylor's episode on Curious Vibes Podcast


*Witch by Lisa Lister

*When God Was A Woman by Merlin Stone

*Waking The Witch by Pam Grossman

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