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Episode Ten ◐ Dionn Katrina

“Transparency heals because we are all going through some shit.”


Dionn Katrina is a Television producer and vulnerability speaker based out of Los Angeles, who shares her personal experiences dealing with grief, depression and other humanness via social media.

In this episode, Dionn talks on growing up in Decatur, Georgia, her first love of Dance, and her journey from Alvin Ailey Dance company to working with The Roots in New York. Dionn opens up about the loss of her father, aunt, sister, grandmother and uncle all in a two-year span and her journey through grief, gratitude, and love.

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“I went to school to kill time until dance class.”

Show Notes

In this episode we cover..

◐ Growing up in Decatur, Georgia

◐ Her first love of dance, attending her first show at 18 months

◐ Learning to hack her weaknesses in Dance

◐ Leaving Dance in NYC to pursue a college degree 

◐ First realizing in college she had depression and saught a counselor

Making peace with giving up her Dance dreams

What it is like having clinical depression

◐ How she uses social media as her journal with life's difficulties

Going from a Southern Baptist to spiritual

◐ Working with The Roots in New York City 

◐ Processing the loss of her father 

◐ Dealing with the grief of losing five family members within two years

◐ Learn to assert her boundaries, process her loss and staying in a constant state of gratitude




*Follow Dionn's journey on social media @DionnKatrina  

*Ryan White CARE Act Resource 

*Coping with Grief Resource

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