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Episode Three ◐ Anna Conversano

“Even if you made a mistake you are not inherently wrong and there is nothing inherently wrong with you. And that’s where the power comes back in because you are willing to address what is challenging you in a new and enlightened way.”


Anna is a Yoga Therapist, Wellbeing + Embodiment Coach and Speaker. Through her own journey of healing, she has utilized tools such as Yoga, Meditation & Resilience-Based Positive Psychology which she incorporates in her professional practice. 

In this episode, we have a deep discussion on mental health and our relationship with food. Anna shares her own story with an eating disorder as well as her recovery tools and overall ways to have a more balanced relationship to nourishing our bodies, minds and souls. 

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“That’s what recovery is, when you are faced with things that are triggering it doesn’t derail you anymore.”

Show Notes

In this episode we cover..

◐ Low self-confidence and not being in your power

◐ Having to parent your own parents

◐ How the desire to control and eating disorders are intertwined

◐ Yoga awareness practices that helped Anna during recovery

◐ How our subconscious beliefs impact our body, mind and spirit

◐ Reconnecting to your hunger cues after an ED

◐ Conditioning from society, peers and the media around wellness, body image, and food

◐ Radical compassion

◐ Intuitive Eating 



* Follow Anna @AnnaSophieConversano

* Anna's company and website Symbiotic Wellness

* More ways to find Anna

* New York Times Piece by Jessica Knoll 

* More info on EMDR 

* Women Food and God by Geneen Roth 

* When Food is Love by Geneen Roth

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