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Episode Two ◐ Stephen

Part 2

"It was just a process of pushing ourselves to be more vulnerable and the music was just like the background accompaniment to it, it just happened naturally."


Stephen is a musician, sing-songwriter, producer and an all around magnetic human being. His music blends genres including electronic, pop and even some R&B elements. His latest EP, It's Too Much Love To Know My Dear, has literally created a new sound best described as "future jungle". 

In Part Two of this Two-Part podcast episode, we explore his creative process for this EP and the feelings of fear he faced head-on after it was completed. We also talk about the dueling parts inside us, the head & the heart.  

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"The more that I can trust this "thing", the more my life blossoms, and the more love and the more connection I find in my life." 

Show Notes

In this episode we cover..

◐ Working with Harrison to help encourage the process of chaos

◐ The "No Effort Here" mentality while creating

◐ Getting in the right artist headspace

◐ The first time Stephen heard back 'Rainbows'

◐ A step by step walkthrough of the track

◐ Not polishing the tracks in order to keep the intention

◐ The pure bliss of finishing the music followed by fear and doubt

◐ A balance of timidness, courage and faith

◐ Spirituality and how Stephen defines "God"

◐ Adding context for more people to interact with the music

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