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Other Things I Do

I am no different than every other millennial artist in that I wear many hats. Here are some of the primary ways we can work together. 

One on One 


Growth Advisor

◐ I help you achieve a higher state of living by aiding you in reaching your goals and unblocking what is holding you back. I employ various tools and techniques that have worked for other clients, friends and for myself personally over the years. Each program is created uniquely for the individual client. 


◐ Learn more about Growth Advising Sessions Here.


TV & Film 

Producer, Writer,  & Show Consulting

◐ I have a B.A in TV and Film Production from Penn State University but have fine-tuned my skill sets through work experience in TV and Film for the past 9 years in New York and LA. This experience has spanned every role from Producer to Casting Director to Writer to Editor even Actor and Make-up Artist on occasion. 


 ◐ If you have a project you think I'd be a great fit for, or want to chat further on how we can work together email me here


Photographer, Creative Director, Photoshop & Editing

 ◐ I do both one-off photoshoots and creative direction for artist and brands looking to expand their photography portfolio. 

◐ Find more of my work here.

◐ If you want to hire me for photography, creative direction, photo editing or other design work, drop me a line at 

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