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Growth Advising

The biggest obstacle between where you are and where you want to be is yourself. Period.
We hold ourselves back, self-sabotage, play small, fall into emotional numbing patterns, take on the victim role, procrastinate the actions we know would help us, talk ourselves out of believing we can reach our dream goals in career, relationships or life, we settle for "ok" because it is safe or maybe because we simply don't know how to change. 
Trust me I've been there, time and time again. Which is why personal development has become my biggest obsession. I am fascinated by what makes people tick, what their patterns, habits, limiting beliefs, core desires, and drivers are. How they can better leverage that awareness to their advantage but also how they can change old stuck patterns to reach their ultimate potential. 
I truly believe we are all capable of far more than we allow ourselves.
Working on personal development alone can be challenging because humans are typically pretty bad at keeping themselves accountable. This is where Growth Advising comes in. Having a growth advisor is no different from a financial or business advisor. It is someone who evaluates all aspects of your current life, where you want to be and advises on the best strategies in order to hit that growth. 
Over the years I've learned various tools and techniques that have worked for myself, my friends and now for my clients in one on one sessions. Whether it is hitting a career, relationship, fitness or life goal, we get brutally honest about the state that you are currently living in, where you want to be and an action plan on how to get there. Each session I lead you in exercises, plan habits for the week ahead and send you off with a worksheet offering new ideas, habit tracking, resources, and other journal prompts to help become more aware of your life and patterning. 
Each program is 100% curated to the individual based on my initial assessment and tweaked as we move forward so I am able to advise in your growth with the best tools possible. 
Influences are drawn from but not limited to processes like The Goals Roadmap, Dickens Process, Neuroplasticity reprograming, Meditation, Mindfulness, Habit Tracking, Inner Child/ Shadow work, Limiting Beliefs and Active Loop Processing, and Pragmatic Manifestation/Goal Achieving Tools. 

Advising Packages

I believe you should be excited and aligned with whatever you are spending your money on.  Because of that, I offer a FREE 45-minute initial session so we can get to know each other to make sure it is the right fit BEFORE engaging in a full session(s).

Send me an email to schedule your free initial session!

One on One
Weekly/ Bi-Weekly

◐ This is 1-hour one on one weekly or bi-weekly Facetime/Zoom/Skype accountability, processing and exercise call.

◐ We will create a Goals Roadmap to lay out a clear strategy in achieving your goals over the course of our sessions.

◐ Each week we will go over the ups, downs and emotional stressors in order to create a plan to avoid future pitfalls and tools to turn to in the future.

◐ I will walk you through an exercise that you can use on your own as a tool or will help heal some limiting beliefs, inner child work or shadow work. 

◐ I will send you off with a personalized worksheet that you will send back before our next session. It is specifically curated towards your week ahead and includes background info, resources, habit tracker and journal prompts.

◐ You will also receive access to me in- between sessions via text/ voice memos for advice, questions and further accountability - (Response within 24 hours).  

$150 per session

* I highly recommend no less than a 3-month commitment to this program in order to create a more lasting change in your habits and lifestyle around your goal.

One on One

◐ This is 2-hour one on one emersion Facetime/Zoom/Skype call

where we dive deep into the goals you are looking to achieve and bring awareness to the blocks standing in your way.

◐ We will create a Goals Roadmap to lay out a clear strategy in achieving your goals.

◐ We will unblock some of your patternings and limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of achieving those goals. 

◐ I will walk you through an exercise that will serve as a tool to help you in this process. 

◐ I will send you off with a personalized worksheet specifically designed with your goals in mind. This includes background info, resources and journal prompts.

Interested in learning more?

Send me an email and I can send you my Initial Inquiry Sheet

to learn more about you. Then we can schedule your free first initial session! If we both feel it is a good fit, we can then move forward in scheduling a weekly or overhaul session. 

Or just drop me an email to ask any further questions you may have!

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