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  • Jessica Ashley Gill

Launch Day.

Words cannot express my gratitude right now. I know, everyone and their mother has a podcast but to me this was a BIG deal.

For the majority of my professional career I've worked behind the scenes in Entertainment. Roles I happily took on to get close to the magic. But the more I got real with myself I noticed I was settling in certain jobs because I was too scared to fully stand out as an Artist.

Artist was a title for the talented actors, musicians, painters, photographers who started their craft very young. Who was I to create something and call it art? But the truth is that is ALL I wanted to do.

I wanted to lean into this process, sift through human nature, the light and the dark and find the take aways, the lessons and tools then transform them into photos, videos, essays, podcasts etc.

Recently I've been looking for new outlets to do just this. I was looking for something I could launch more frequently than a television series, and something that allowed the stories to be honest, real examples for others.

Then I remembered, I LOVE interviewing people, and did it for a living as a Casting Director in New York City. I spent endless hours skyping people ALL over the world, learning their stories, and asking them questions to open up. Then I had to repackage for a TV executive to decide if these human stories we worth a television series. That last part really sucked because to me ALL the stories were worthy, helpful, useful and in fact deeply needed by others.

Fast forward years later and my worth to step in front as the creator & artist has elevated as well as my passion for sharing these human stories. This is what the podcast is about, the brand, and everything I could ever hope to share in this life. The real honest human stories of elevation and pitfalls, the light & dark.

Reminding myself and others how connected we all are, how we are never alone and how much stronger we are than we believe possible.

And today, well when this article releases yesterday, it will be a great step in that direction.

Cheers to Episode One! And many more to come.

Lots of Love, J

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