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My name is Jessica Ashley Gill. I am a writer, photographer, producer of TV, films and live events, performer, artist, creator, growth advisor, self-help junkie, vision holder, and dreamer. Maybe more importantly, I am a woman who is deeply inquisitive about the psyche and stories from the soul.

I believe tapping into these stories can help heal the deep-rooted scars that prevent each of us from living a more aligned life -- a life based on listening and acting upon our core desires instead of on those driven by conditioning and insecurity.

I've been on this journey through entire life. What started as research into health and fitness in an effort to gain control over my appearance morphed into an autodidactic study across mental health, creative expression, psychology, relationships, neuroscience, purpose, business, mythology, existentialism, spirituality -- you get the picture.

PINK NOISE COLLECTIVE is the accumulation of this knowledge, represented through photography, writing, videos, podcasts, processes, and practices. It is a safe space for self-expression, creativity and exploration into the light and the dark. It is rooted in healing by way of digging into the stories of the soul, in hopes of finding answers that can make this journey of life a little more conscious, loving and blissful.

Pink noise is nature's ambient sound frequency. The waves crashing on the shore, a steady rainfall, or leaves rustling in the wind. It is the sweet spot between chaos and control. The world is awash with Pink, so much so that our brains often sync to its frequency. Collective stems from the Latin word collectivus, meaning "gathering together and representing many individuals." PINK NOISE COLLECTIVE is the digging into that chaos and control that unites us all; discovering the most human of natures within us. It is a space to explore the shadows, the scars, the light, the hope, the growth, the pain, the triumph we all face. As our COLLECTIVE grows, so will the mediums through which these stories of the soul are shared.

I believe we already hold all the answers within us, it is just a matter of reawakening them. And that reawakening begins with exposing truths and sharing stories from the soul.

Cheers to this journey together! I am so excited to share with you!

With lots of love,


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