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  • Jessica Ashley Gill

Full Blue Flower Moon

If this past week has been intense for you, you aren't alone.

While I think checking in with the phases of the moon is beautiful, thematic and helps us get back on the cyclical nature in our being, I am not someone to blame emotional disturbances and messy weeks on the moon or planetary phases. I use the themes of the Moon as a guide and a reminder to check inward and see where I can better clean up my internal landscape in order for the outer landscape to run more effectively.

According to one of my favorite astrology websites Forever Conscious, this Blue Scorpio Moon will beckon us to retreat inward and peel back the layers of our masks, burdens and woes in order to shed the weight holding us back.

This is pretty much a common theme for any Full Moon. Which is why I think it is a beautiful opportunity to once a month, while you have nature glaring at you as a reminder, reflect inward and see where you are keeping yourself small in order to release those blocks to achieve the steps ahead.

This week, in particular, has been a bit more intense than usual for me. Minor health issues, a family friend passing, old fears and insecurities arising, and my emotions a bit more heightened. Last night as I got ready for bed I felt the heavy weight of anxiety in my chest. Something all too familiar for me but an occurrence that hasn't happened in quite some time. Where my resources for anxiety, especially at night, typically result in a mediation session, journaling or doing a Deep Imaging exercise by Lacy Philips, on this particular occasion my body just wanted to cry. So I did something I had never done before, sat down and intended to allow the space to cry.

For anyone who knows me, you know I am very in touch with my emotions, I am totally comfortable shedding tears for a good dog welcome home video or while processes my own hurt. But those tears are pretty involuntary. I don't consciously say to myself ok right now I am going to let out a cry. It subconsciously leaks out. So for me to sit down and allow myself space to cry felt surprisingly odd.

But it created this beautiful space where I could release all these intense emotions building up inside me, alone and in the comfort of my bed. And truthfully it was powerful. The anxiety lifted and I knew I had created a new space to channel my emotions and honor whatever comes up.

There is so much shame around crying for women and men a like. But if that outlet allows you to fully feel through your emotions so they don't turn into something destructive later, why are more people not celebrating the moments they can take to themselves to cry?

If you feel the heavy energy around this Full Moon, turn inward and maybe have a good cry. It might be the best self-care you do all week.

Love + Light,



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